Should You Have Your Amalgam Fillings Removed by Your Dentist?

For more than a century, dentists worldwide have been using dental amalgam that contains mercury as a filling material. Amalgam is said to be the cheapest, strongest, and longest-lasting filling in the industry. But over the past decades, there have been some controversies about its mercury content. People are concerned about whether it’s safe to use.

Mercury was identified as an environmental hazard and is linked to different health conditions like kidney and brain damage, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. Since mercury in fillings releases a low level of vapors, some believe that amalgam fillings might cause harm to their health. But many researches show no links between amalgam and health complaints, except for those who are allergic to mercury.

The European Commission also warns that pregnant women and children under six years old should avoid having amalgam fillings. That being said, the answer to whether you should have your dental amalgam removed is totally up to you. But to help you decide, here are other information you should know:

Is It Safe to Remove Amalgam or Mercury Fillings?

Some people are worried that they might be exposed to mercury vapor during the removal process. But with the help of a certified dentist, you can be sure that your amalgam fillings are safely removed. And reports say that doing so can improve your health.

Are There Any Alternatives to Amalgam Fillings?

For many years, Pillar Dental has been trying to find dental materials that work as well, or even better than those that contain mercury. The good news is, we were able to find mercury-free fillings called composites. While amalgam is more rigid, composite fillings have similar flexibility to the tooth structure. They also help restore the tooth’s natural strength and prevent it from breaks and chips.

So, if you’re planning to have your amalgam fillings removed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll replace it with composite fillings, so you can preserve and repair your damaged teeth and prevent cavities from spreading or getting worse. Call us now to set an appointment!


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