Importance of Wearing a Mouthguard When Playing Sports


A sports mouthguard is more than just a fashion trend for athletes. While it can make you look better, this protective gear’s main function is to significantly minimize the risk of minor and serious injuries to the mouth and jaw.

Wearing a mouthguard is required for some sports such as boxing, football, and hockey. However, not enough people know that using this accessory can be beneficial for other sports and physical activities. For that reason, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends mouthguards for athletes participating in competitive and recreational sports where collision and impact are likely to happen.

If you play sports, make sure that your chances of suffering dental injuries are greatly reduced by investing in a protective mouthpiece. After all, having fun and staying safe should be an athlete’s priority.

Avoiding Dental Injuries

According to the National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety, sports participants are 60 times more likely to sustain dental injuries without mouth protection. Aside from the added safety, wearing mouthguards can also save you from expensive dental procedures such as root canals, dental crowns, and TMJ treatments.

A mouthguard minimizes the chances of sustaining chipped, broken, or knocked-out teeth. On top of that, this accessory can also prevent bruising or cuts to the lips, tongue, and face, especially to those who have orthodontic corrective devices such as braces or retainers. Most importantly, mouthguards–especially custom-fit ones–play a significant role in reducing the likelihood of concussions and pulpal injury.

Thanks to advanced dental technology in South Dakota, these injuries are treatable, but it’s better to avoid them altogether. Though not a requirement, wearing a mouthpiece is highly recommended for athletes participating in basketball, gymnastics, skateboarding, soccer, skiing, volleyball, and weightlifting.

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While mouthguards can significantly reduce the risk of a dental injury, there is still a chance they could occur. If you’re dealing with a sports-related dental emergency, reach out to Pillar Dental immediately. We utilize advanced dental technology in South Dakota to treat tooth and mouth problems.

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