Healthy Halloween: Dental Tips for Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween is right around the corner! And for children, this tradition is mainly about three things: costumes, candies, and more candies. We’re approaching the time of the year when kids are surrounded by more sugar than usual. That can be worrisome for parents and pediatric dentists in Sioux Falls.

But there’s no reason for your child to miss out on all the fun of trick-or-treating. Refer to the tips below to learn how kids can enjoy this holiday responsibly.

Plan Out the Candy Consumption

It’s advisable to let your child eat Halloween candy shortly after mealtime. That’s because saliva production increases during meals. This will help rinse away sugar and food particles that otherwise would have been stuck in the mouth.

Choose Candy Carefully

Stay away from hard candies unless they’re sugar-free. Most of the time, these treats contain the most amount of sugar. It would also be wise to ease up on sticky sweets such as caramel, taffy, and gummy bears. The stickier the candy, the longer it takes for saliva to wash its particles away. This increases the risk of tooth decay.

Avoid Sugary Beverages

You’d want to limit your kid’s sugar intake since they’ll already be consuming a considerable amount of candy. Keep them away from sugary drinks including soda, flavored water, and sweetened fruit drinks.

It’s also important to remind them to drink enough water. If you’re giving them one that’s bottled, choose the fluoridated kind as it helps prevent tooth decay.

Brush Thoroughly

Remind your child to brush and floss twice a day to prevent tooth decay. Even if they’re tired after a long day of trick-or-treating, don’t let them go to bed without the daily maintenance.

Keep Your Dentist Appointment

Halloween or not, it’s important for children to visit pediatric dentists in Sioux Falls regularly to keep their teeth and gums in good shape. Developing this habit at a young age will help them maintain good oral health into adulthood.

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