How To Ease Your Child’s Dental Anxiety

a child with dental fear

Dental fear or anxiety is quite common among kids, teens, and adults worldwide. In the US, studies show that one in every five children is afraid to visit their dentist. For some kids, hearing the word “dentist” alone can throw them into a panic.

As a parent, you know very well how important your children’s dental health is. But if your youngsters have dental anxiety, how can you help them cope with it and convince them to visit a dentist? To assist you, here are some tips you may want to consider:

Tip 1: Identify What Your Child Is Really Afraid Of

Before trying anything to help your kids, you should first identify what is causing their dental fear. Is it their first time seeing a dentist? If not, did they have a negative or even traumatic experience during their last visit to the dental clinic?

Sometimes, your children may feel anxious to see their dentist if you have dental fear yourself. Their anxiety might worsen if they see you get nervous whenever you bring them to a dental clinic.

Tip 2: Find Solutions to Your Child’s Dental Fear

Once you’ve identified the cause of your child’s dental fear, try to find ways to help ease your kid’s anxiety. If it’s your young one’s first time seeing a dentist, talk to them in a way they can easily understand and explain the importance of your visit to the dental clinic.

Before your appointment with the dentist, you can read dental storybooks to your kids and play “dentist” at home. Doing these might help reassure your children that visiting a dentist isn’t something to be afraid of. However, if your child’s anxiety is caused by a traumatic experience, seeking the help of mental health professionals might be best for them.

Tip 3: Look for the Right Dentist and Dental Clinic

Finding the right dentist for your children can help ease their dental anxiety. Choose a dentist with years of experience handling kids with such conditions. Find a dental clinic with a child-friendly environment and with a staff that won’t only treat your children as patients but as friends or family, too.

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