Tips on How To Help Your Child Manage Dental Phobia

Read on to learn some tips on how you can help your child cope with dental anxiety!

As a parent, you must already know how important your child’s oral health is. But what can you do if your kid has dental anxiety? You can always train your child to have good oral hygiene habits, but seeing a dentist is still vital to ensure that your youngster’s teeth are healthy at all times. So, this National Children’s Dental Health Month, take some time to read these tips on managing your little one’s fear of dentists:

  • Take Your Children to the Dentist While They’re Young

Many general and pediatric dentists suggest that you bring your youngsters for a dental check-up as soon as their first tooth appears. You can even take them with you during your own dental appointment. By doing so, you’ll be able to help your kids familiarize themselves not only with the clinic but also with the dental procedures.

You can also take pictures every time you bring your children to their tooth fairy and show the images to them when they’re older. Seeing such photos might help them be more confident about revisiting their dentist.

  • Avoid Negative Words When Talking to Your Child

Inform your kids about your plan for a dental visit ahead of time. Telling them about it at the last minute might only add more stress. When explaining what might happen at the clinic, try to avoid negative words like hurt, pain, and shot, as these might only scare them even more. Focus instead on the benefits of the dental appointment.

You should also avoid explaining every detail of the dental appointment with your kid, as it might only cause more confusion to them and add to their anxiety. Try to keep it as simple as you can.

  • Don’t Bribe Your Kids With Rewards

Sometimes, parents tend to make promises of rewards to their children just to get them to agree to a dental visit. While this might work for some kids, other children might only feel more anxious about going to the dentist. You can plan to treat your child after the appointment, but don’t use it as a bribe. It might be best to leave the reward as a surprise instead.

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