Why Is It Important To Keep Up Your Oral Hygiene

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Why it is important to keep up your oral hygiene

There are many things that individuals go to the dentist for. Some are more serious than others and some are just for cosmetic reasons. Every year around 100 million Americans do not get adequate medical care from a dentist because they end up not going to the dentist at all. Not going to the dentist could lead to major health problems not to mention contribute to tooth decay.

There are certain dental procedures that make dental hygiene easier for those who have issues with their teeth, which include dental crowns. Dental crowns are a cap that can be placed over damaged teeth. For example, if a tooth is damaged or cracked beyond repair a dental crown can be added to help the patient with chewing and basic hygiene. The crown prevents further deterioration and can allow from brushing and flossing to resume with discomfort.

If you are considering a crown, it could help to find a dentist who could place one in a single sitting. Since many Americans do not go to the dentist, finding a dentist that can do a needed procedure like a dental crown will help those worried about declining oral hygiene. By getting a one appointment crown it may help entice more people go to the dentist because they will find it easier and less time consuming.

After people start going to the dentist more frequently they may ask the dentist about a variety of cosmetic procedures. Those may include: Invisalign to get straight teeth and teeth whitening to get a luminous smile. Those procedures matter to Americans because an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey stated that 74% of adults believe an unattractive smile hurts them professionally. Additionally not getting something looked at, such as early indicators of gum disease, can affect the process of starting a cosmetic dental procedure. So it is best to remember that using a dentist that can do a one appointment crown will get you closer to getting the procedures you actually want.

When individuals get their teeth whitened they can experience the confidence that was once lost. Especially when 82.5% of people saw a significant difference in their teeth after it was whitened. Making an effort to see the dentist more often will not only boost oral hygiene but may also change the confidence individuals have in their teeth


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