White and Bright: 3 Dental Procedures That Can Improve Your Smile This Spring

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White And Bright: 3 Ways You Can Improve Your Smile This Spring

Spring is a time of change and rebirth. From major home cleanings to a renewed interest in fitness programs, people across the country are looking to make positive changes in their lives; since your smile is so pivotal in your professional and personal life, why not give your pearly whites some attention this spring? Let’s take a look at three dental procedures that can improve both the form and function of your teeth.
Teeth Whitening: The color of your teeth can play a major role in your social life. After all, you can have perfectly straight, healthy teeth that are stained and people will only notice their shade. Teeth whitening procedures are popular because they offer a big change for very little commitment; approximately 82.5% of those who have undergone the procedure have noticed a significant difference in their teeth.
Dental Crowns: If you are suffering from a damaged or deformed tooth, you can have a dental crown placed in its stead. A crown made of porcelain or ceramic is attached to your natural root and designed to fit perfectly in with its toothy neighbors, both in shape and color. Best of all, one appointment dental crowns are available; the day that you come in for your consultation is the same day you receive your crown.
Invisalign: Perfectly straight natural teeth are rare in this world. As an adult, walking around in braces for two years can be quite difficult; fortunately, you have an invisible and equally-successful alternative option in the form of Invisalign. Your doctor will let you know if you qualify for these clear retainers.
The health of your mouth and teeth are extremely important. One small problem, whether it’s stained teeth from a life of coffee or a rogue tooth that never quite came in right, can dramatically affect your quality of life. Rather than live with your discomfort or insecurity, embrace the theme of spring: visit a dentist and let them craft your perfect smile.
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